Sometimes I have the need to install some kind of auto-respond feature on an email server. I already used a few times gnarwl. Honestly, I don’t like it. I spent a lot of time debugging and some parts of it made me crazy. Of course, it’s only my opinion and admit that there are a lot of work put on that project. Nevertheless I decided to make my own vacation script. The idea was to make something very easy to use and install, and also something easy to hack. I assume certain behaviours so I don’t relay on the configuration file for a lot of things. This way, it results in a very simple configuration file.

I still want to add some features, but only the necessary to have a quality script without turning it in a very complex script.

The code is hosted in github. There you can rea the README file to more information about how it works and how to install it.

You can also clone directly the repository and see the README with your favourite editor:

git clone git://

It would be great to have any kind of feedback that helps me to improve the code. Of course you can contact me for any kind of doubt or comment.